What happened to Siebel Unleashed?

I am pretty sure many of you have this question in mind why Siebel Unleashed suddenly stopped updating. This explanation should have come long time back and I owe you guys an apology for absconding without any proper explanation.  I started this post several times but just couldn’t find the right words to explain what was happening but as they say better late than never here is the crux.

I was at a cross-road in my carrier where I had a chance to change my role and move on from pure hands on Siebel development to more of a exploratory role.  I had to decide between sticking to technical knowledge vs moving toward domain knowledge. The new role would provide me an opportunity to work on other CRM products such as Salesforce & MS Dynamics but it would also mean that I wouldn’t have time to be hands on and write code. In words of my dear friend “I had to go off the field. ”  

I don’t think I need explicitly say what I chose; the lack of updates on Siebel Unleashed would be the clear indication of that. If you see most of the articles were about my learning coming from my day to day work on Siebel. Once that stopped I suddenly had nothing to share. Now that I have settled a bit in my new role, I can take time to decide way forward for Siebel Unleashed.

Now you might ask the question “Is Siebel Unleashed dead?” and the answer to that question is “No”.

I don’t see myself stopping, but the nature of articles is definitely going to change.  There will still be Siebel related posts but they will have to come from either readers or guests.  I can now write more about CRM domain and different solutions available and upcoming technologies like Big Data that I am currently getting exposed to. Now I have several alternatives to post these articles and I need your input in deciding what could be the best way forward for Siebel Unleashed. Please vote on the survey below to help me decide.

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I apologies again for being away too long without explanation but I hope you can understand that it wasn’t an easy decision. Thanks for making this journey so special and looking forward to your comments and responses.


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  1. Well, I was eagerly waiting for your next….but I was confident that techie like you can’t be silent much longer.
    We are very thankful for your tons of post dedicated to Siebel and best part is, it still solves our 90% of problems and doubts.
    We will surely miss you here in rough world of Siebel but people from other CRM deserves you as well..

    Now if you want to continue with this website only then remember one thing…


    Yours Die-Hard Follower

    • Hi Yogesh,

      Thanks for the kind words. It is nice to hear that this blog makes a difference. Hopefully I will be able to keep this in future also.

    • Hi Kusum,

      As per the survey I conducted most of the users said that let it continue as it is. So, for the time being it is going to be on same site but probably change to individual sites in future.

  2. Dear Neel,

    I agree with you that Technology is an ever evolving thing and we all should be updated with the latest technologies. Even Siebel is changing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and I hope that you will continue to do the same in other areas as well. Now that you are exploring different CRM technologies, do share the comparison along with the strength and weaknesses of each one of them and how should customers decide which product is the best for them.

  3. Thanks for your continuous support for solving our bottleneck problems related to Siebel CRM. Good to know about other CRM products also . But still Sir, we are eagerly waiting for your post on Siebel IP 2015. Siebel Unleashed is kind of “Sankat Mochan” for all Siebel developers and users.

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