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A new section on Siebel Unleashed called Tips @ Siebel Unleashed quietly went live couple of days back.Tips@SU is attempt to provide a means of better engagement and easy sharing at Siebel Unleashed. During past couple of months I had been pretty busy (that’s why no articles)  where I didn’t had time to write a full fledged post but there were several instances when I wanted to share a useful link, an interesting find or just few lines of update. It felt like too much of chore to log in to website create a just couple of lines of post or a oracle support link.

One way to achieve that is with social media like twitter or Facebook but to be honest I am not cut out for social media. I hardly check my Facebook or twitter account. So, I searched and found a way which allows me to do that on a platform that I am comfortable and familiar with.

The result is Tips @ SiebelUnleashed which has twitter like interface with features facilitating quick and easy engagement. The primary purpose is to share stuff (Links, articles, tips … you get the picture) that doesn’t need full fledged post or the whole shebang.

It’s not perfect yet and needs some polishing but its functional so I decided to go ahead with it. There will be changes to it in future to make it better.

I would really like to get your feedback and thoughts on it. So, bring it on!!!

Yours Truly

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