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Debugger to the rescue for global js files – IP2015

Guess what, I am working on OpenUI again and it feels really good. I recently, got an opportunity to work on IP 2015 and developing some really cool functionalities (Favorites, Broadcast Message Bar etc) as part of project.

A lot of things have changed as compared to, PM’s & PR’s have become more structured. Themes have moved in to manifest but with all the good things comes the complexity. We all know that we can have our custom js file included at the application level by copying the “PLATFORM INDEPENDENT” manifest entry and linking our custom js file. This comes in really handy when you are trying to work functionalities that are global in nature (Application level tooltips, anyone ??). Continue Reading

Tooltips makover – Siebel Open UI

Few weeks back I had published a post that showcased how you can use power of Siebel Open UI to actually implement tooltips for fields in List and Form applets in truly SRF independent way. If you haven’t gone through the post I would suggest doing that before continuing. You will also be able to… Continue Reading