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How to Calculate 18 years age flag- Scriptless Siebel

This article has been contributed by Praful Desai a reader of Siebel Unleashed.


You need to calculate if a person is underage or not i.e less than 18 years of age or not. You need to return Y if they are less than 18 years (Underage) and N (Not Underage) if they are more than 18 years. It should also take care of people born in leap year.

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System Activity Object

This might be a common knowledge that Siebel creates an activity record when you send an email out using F9 functionality. You can see these activities either in “Communication Screen” –> Communication List View (shown below). It shows you the body of the email, attachments and details like who sent the email out and to… Continue Reading

XSLT-Making complex XML transformations easy

Data maps are the most common method used for Transformation but they have limited applications when it comes to complex transformations. Data maps are useful where you have one-to-one mapping between source and target XML tags. In case you need to apply certain logic before transformation then you cannot use Data Maps and have to… Continue Reading

Closing Service Request – Scriptless Siebel

I am back again with scriptless Siebel series, few days ago I came across a requirement which was as following: Requirement: We have Service Request (Parent BC) and Activities (Child BC) when all the activities are ‘Closed’ (status set as closed) Status of SR should automatically change to ‘Closed’. Scriptless Solution: Continue Reading