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How Siebel handles multiple updates to a record?

How Siebel handles multiple updates to a record?

A lot of times you must have encountered the error mentioned below

SBL-DAT-00523 : The selected record has been modified by another user since it was retrieved.

This error message signifies that somebody else was quicker than you and has already modified the record, so you need to perform the update again. This is common occurring scenario where lot of updates are happening either thorough Policy Workflows or Asynchronous requests in addition to synchronous updates either on UI or scripting. This article attempts to explain How Siebel Applications handle the concurrent attempts to update a record?.
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Top 10 things you need to know about Siebel Open UI

This article has been contributed by Aboli Kulkarni of Acrotrend. A really useful article basically forming FAQ of Open UI. Oracle Siebel CRM has been the worlds leading CRM package for more than 2 decades. Over the period, Oracle has contributed to make the CRM function and application more complete, robust and easy to use… Continue Reading