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Where do we go from here?

Year 2012 is coming to an end. This is the time of the year to reflect on what transpired in year 2012 for siebelunleashed. Below are few graphics showing about visitors to siebelunleashed.

Total of 179,235 unique visitors from almost all over the world.

Number 1 spot goes to India, followed by United States of America.

image image

People used all kind of browsers with IE topping the list with almost 51% rest was shared by Firefox and Chrome


Most of visitors came searching for something.

image image

“Thanks Google”

Now, is the time to thank all of you wonderful readers because of whom this blog is alive. This blog started as my hobby then became my passion thanks to all the readers who commented, asked questions and most importantly contributed to make this one of the best websites out there on Siebel.

Thank you, all

But as you might have noticed the posts on Siebel Unleashed have gone down in these past few months and as a result the engagement on the site has also gone done. This was partly due to my increased workload and partly because I ran out of ideas. Your email, comments and suggestions acted as catalyst and fuel for my posts. Since, I was not writing much you guys also stopped interacting hence a deadlock.

But the good news is that Open UI has arrived and I have gotten my hands on it, so there is lot to write about and hopefully you will more posts than this year. Enough of my ramblings. Whishing you guys Merry Christmas and very happy new year.

Stay tuned. If this site has helped you in anyway drop a note of appreciation, comment and new ideas that you think can make this site better.

Note: I know there have been few issues with the site layout and I have been experimenting with quite a few things. Please bear with the inconvenience it may have caused to you.

Microsoft sues Salesforce.com

This news although not related to Siebel CRM but related CRM domain(CRM on Demand to be specific) .Therefore  thought of sharing with everybody. Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against salesforce.com for allegedly infringing nine Microsoft CRM-related patents. Microsoft posted a statement on its Web site acknowledging it had taken legal action on May 18. Here’s… Continue Reading