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Config Assist Tool – Framework

This article has been submitted by Sachin V Rao a reader of SiebelUnleashed. In this article he explains about a Configuration assist framework (I assume which he developed) that can help us to enforce some standards while doing configuration in Siebel Tools. It is a pretty interesting concept that we know has already been implemented by way of screenshots. Unfortunately he hasn’t shared any objects that can help us to implement but he has given enough details to get started on our own implementation. I would like to thank Sachin for sharing something new with us.

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Fetching Ownership of a record on which user is working

This article has been submitted by Prashant Varshney reader of Siebel Unleashed. Requirement: Check the ownership of a record on which user is working and based on ownership, BC record should be either editable or read-only. Ownership means the record on which user is working is either assigned to user or user is the manager of… Continue Reading

System Activity Object

This might be a common knowledge that Siebel creates an activity record when you send an email out using F9 functionality. You can see these activities either in “Communication Screen” –> Communication List View (shown below). It shows you the body of the email, attachments and details like who sent the email out and to… Continue Reading

Siebel Serialization -generating custom sequence numbers

This article has been contributed by Chandan Chandwani, a friend of mine. There are lot of times you get a requirement to generate custom sequence numbers that should be a combination of several fields based on the customer requirement. You will have to go through lot of hoops to build a custom functionality to achieve… Continue Reading

Hyperlink issue with patch

We moved to patch in order to address few product defects but ended up with another product defect that caused error for the fields used as external application links. Let me explain the functionality first Requirement: A field on applet should display as hyperlink. When clicked a new browser window with external URL should… Continue Reading