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I have asked several times for solution to gather statistics about Siebel Usage. It is always handy to have data such as which is most used view and how much time is spent by users on each view. This type of data can help you to streamline your Siebel Application and put more focus on heavily used areas.

The first thing that might come to your mind is to build a such a solution to gather such data with help of Runtime Events and custom business services. Not many people know about a vanilla Siebel functionality that already does this job for you. Today I am going to discuss a Siebel Vanilla functionality called Usage Collection which can help to gather such kind of data without any need for custom solution.

Usage Collection can be enabled from System Preferences  and various parameters can be configured to collect various kind of data.


Some of the important parameters for this service are:

  1. UsageTracking Enabled: Set this parameter to true to enable Usage Collection
  2. UsageTracking Log Time Period: How often a log file is created. Daily is ususally the value used. In my experience it doesn’t lead to performance issues and the log file size is also moderate.
  3. UsageTracking LogFile Format: Can be XML, CSV or W3C
  4. UsageTracking Sess Cache Size: Number of Session Id’s cached usually default value of 100 is sufficient.

In order to track view usage you will need to create an Runtime Event as described in the bookshelf and below is the screenshot of the log file created by Usage Collection.


I believe the only thing missing here is view that could help you analyze the log file data from Siebel itself. I have been thinking of create a view based on VBC that could read from this file at runtime and display data in Siebel itself. If anyone is interested in it then let me know I will share it here.

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  1. Hi Neel,

    This is a very interesting thread. Can you share the design of the vbc that would read from the file and display it as a view in siebel.


  2. nice post, I refrained from using this in the past as this does not collect data from mobile clients…
    this is for me also one of the drawbacks. I had to built my custom tracking instead !

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