Siebel Unleashed Forum-Back from the dead

As some of you might have already noticed Siebel Unleashed Forum is back, bigger and better than before. Although the work to rebrand it is not complete (working on Logo and Forum Rules right now) but it is functional.

I have quite a few plans to make it more rewarding but they will come in time. I was able to import data from the old forum and hopefully all your login should be functional using your old username and password.

In case if you any of face problems send an email to with subject line as “Siebel Unleashed Forum access” with your username and the problem you are facing. I will try to address it as soon as possible.

I will be needing some volunteers to act as moderator of the forum so that it is not spammed like before. If you are interested in acting as moderator then please drop an email at with subject line as “Siebel Unleashed Moderator”. The criteria to become a moderator of the forum is as following:

  • You should be well versed with English Language.
  • You should have a decent experience of using forums.
  • You should have at least 30 posts in the Siebel Unleashed Forum.
  • Working knowledge of how forums operate is desired.

Well what are you waiting for. Start Posting..

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