Siebel Unleashed Forum- Up and Running

Hi Everybody,

The good news about Siebel Unleashed forum is that it is up and running and even better news is that all the data has been preserved. Your feedback helped me realize how important the forum is to you guys.

I spent my weekend in researching about different forums there cons and pros and finally decided to change the forum software from SMF to phpbb3. One of the main reasons was availability of converter from SMF to phpbb3 as data restoration was also on priority.

The change has been done and forum is ready to used. I am still trying to figure out features for phpbb3 so that I can tune it better to suite our needs and making it as easy to use as I can. There are few more changes in store especially UI. I am looking at various templates and the final template will be decided by your vote. Integration with blog is another area in which I am looking. You will see quite a few changes in time to come, so stay tuned.

In case if you see any problem or have some suggestions. Drop in your comments or email to


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