Siebel Unleashed & Forum Announcement

I am pretty sure that you must have noticed a sudden change in the Appearance of  Siebel Unleashed. A lot of things are missing from the sidebar and footer.

Well, this is because I was working on new look for Siebel Unleashed and didn’t follow basic steps of Software development. I changed something directly in production without testing it and as result a part of Siebel Unleashed stopped working.

I just want to you to know that I am working on it and trying to get everything UP ASAP. Please bear with me and and sorry for any inconvenience it is causing.

Also as a result of SPAM attack I had to stop registrations in Siebel Unleashed forum. I have received several email from users complaining about Registration link not available. I am working on that and will enable registrations as soon as mechanism to stop SPAM is in place. Again sorry for the inconvenience it is causing.

Thanks for understanding and being part of Siebel Unleashed.


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