Siebel Unleashed – Announcement

Hi Everybody, long time no see… eh. I hope you are all fine and enjoying reading Siebel Unleashed (although it is not getting updated as much as you and I would like). There are few important things about Siebel Unleashed Forum and Siebel Unleashed Blog that I wanted to share with you guys.

Siebel Unleashed Forum
As you guys know that I stopped registrations on the forum around a month back due to spam issues. Well, the bad news is that I am not going to open the registrations again any time soon 🙁 . It don’t want any of your information getting affected by spam due to forum. I have tried several possible remedies but none seem to work, as soon as I open the registration it gets flooded by spam messages and registration. In addition to this moderating a phpbb forum requires a lot of effort and time which is not possible sometimes.

But don’t get disheartened, I am not easily giving up on the such a good community setup after so much effort. The only way-out I can see is to go for profession forum software instead of freeware as I have been doing till now. vBulliten is the best professional forum available there and I intend to get that setup on Siebel Unleashed. Unfortunately it is also very costly which is why it is talking a little time as I need to collect funds for this.

I cannot give you a date and time right now as when it will be ready but I am trying to get it in place ASAP. If you can want to contribute something to move things faster you can use the donate button at the bottom bar of the website.

Please stick around as  I plan to build this site bigger and better than ever.

Siebel Unleashed Website
As Siebel Unleashed continues to grow (now there are more than 450 articles available) finding relevant information quickly is becoming more and more difficult. As you must have noticed I have been making several updates to the layout of the website in order to make information available easily. Although it is getting better but still requires some work.  In case if you have any suggestion which you think will help in making this site better please share that. I will try to incorporate as much as I can and as soon as possible.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for contributing and helping out Siebel community. Everything that you do on this website (leave a comment, Rate a post, contribute article) helps it grow and become better. Please continue to do so. Looking forward to your continuing support in future.

Happy Reading….

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