Siebel Toggle Applets an Introduction

Next topic that we are going to discuss in configuration is Toggle Applets, but before going into details of how to create and configure Toggle Applets, lets get answers to some of the basic questions about Toggle Applets.

What are Toggle Applets?

Toggle Applets are not special applets. To understand Toggle Applets just imagine that, we have put two applets named Applet 1 and Applet 2 on top of each other and we configure them in such a way that only one will be visible at a given time. Through configuration we can decide:

  • Which Applet is visible by default?
  • Do we want user to manually select which applet to see?
  • Change the applet dynamically based on certain conditions?

How many types of Toggle Applets are available?

There are two types of Toggle Applets that we can configure

Static Toggle Applet: User manually chooses from a dropdown list which applet to see.
Dynamic Toggle Applet: We change the applet dynamically based on a field value or certain conditions

Are there any things that we need to keep in mind while configuring toggle applets?

Yes, there are certain things that you need to take care while configuring a toggle applet:

  •  Dynamic toggle applets have to have same business component. Though it is not required for static toggle applets
  • We cannot configure more than one toggle applet in a view

What is purpose of toggle applet, can you explain with example?

The main purpose of toggle applet is to provide ease of use to user of the application. For example you company offers 4 different products to its customers. Each product has different set of fields that should be filled in order to ascertain the correct price. Now, there are two things we can do.

Expose all the fields in one applet and let user fill correct fields according to product he has chosen
We can configure 4 different applets having specific fields for each product and create toggle that will display the correct applet based on the product chosen by user.

What are advantages of Toggle Applets?

Toggle Applets saves space in a view and provides ease of application use.

Are there any disadvantages of Toggle Applets?

Toggle applets can have performance issues because they are not cached and each time a user navigates to applet all available applet toggles are loaded.

In next post we will see how to create static and dynamic toggle applets

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  1. Very nice post!! I want to toggle two applets at a time based on a flag in my top applet. For Example, If I make a checkbox as Y, I have to show two applets or hide both of them. Can you please tell me if it is feasible?

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