Siebel – To Be or not To Be

Siebel – To Be or not To Be

Today, I happened to read two extremely opposite view points about Siebel professionals carrier prospect from two individuals who had decades of experience and have accomplished Siebel carriers.

I am talking about Bruce Daley of Siebel Observer and Adam Hoing of Innoveer Solutions (now Cloud Sherpas). One calls Siebel the devil, the dark side and talks about jumping the Siebel ship right now and the other calls Siebel stable and wants us to stick with it for better carrier prospect. You can read both the articles by following the links below

They both make a strong case and you can be easily swayed to either side if you only read one of them but, reading both, makes you think. I am not experienced enough to provide any insight or judgment on this topic. All I can share is my opinion and let you know which side I am on.

My Thoughts:

I plan to stick to the Dark Side (Siebel) for at least next 3-5 years see how Open UI develops and the direction it takes. It has the potential to change and provide the WOW factor in one are where it has been always lacking, “User Experience”. Oracle has promised new innovation every year till year 2019 for Siebel which alone is reason enough to calm any nerves that we might started to have.

But at the same time I am keeping my mind open and be updated about what is happening in cloud space. If opportunity presents itself to move on I will jump the ship but that may be more due my inclination of exploring new technologies and keep learning rather than fear of Siebel demise. I am not worried at this point about Siebel and as our Siebel Anniversary survey shows neither are most of you.

This article is aimed at accomplishing three things

  1. Share this information –                           Done
  2. Share my opinion –                                   Done
  3. Understand your thoughts and opinion – Waiting

The 1st and 3rd points are the most important one. I would really like to know what you think? So, please make some time and post a comment.Will you jump the ship or stick with the devil you know?

If I can get 20 of you (the readers) to share your thoughts, I would consider mission accomplished. Will you help me?

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10 Responses to Siebel – To Be or not To Be

  1. Excellent article, and not too far away from our own opinion at – keep the excellent articles coming!

  2. I have around 12 years of Siebel consultant (admin/architect), i do like Siebel, and indeed it sucks sometimes. If you want to stay with Siebel you must to be willing to work anywhere, since new implementation occurs alot in developing countries.
    My advice is, if you have large Siebel experience, i think there is new market for at least the next 5 years, depending the market adoption of the new innovation pack, it can go up to 10 years. If you have around 3/4 years of experience, you should also be familiar with other similar tecnologies, cloud based (sales force, dynamics, fusion), because the demand will increase. i don’t belive Siebel will be like cobol, a long term technology because unlike cobol, Siebel is the frontend and the business logic, but one thing is sure, the number os companies using Siebel is huge (especially enterprise ones) and that will not change with a blink of an eye!

  3. I have been on Siebel since last 10 years…until open ui innovative pack, I was thinking Siebel is a dead horse and Oracle is not doing much to promote it. At times, I did explore in detail. But Open UI has changed my views about Siebel. It can definitely compete with other leading CRM could tools now. After seeing Salesforce, my views on Siebel has become even stronger. No one can beat the data model and the architecture that Siebel offers. Also on functional side, the breadth that it offers is huge.

  4. i am a fresher in Siebel and i feel it has not much potential. Scope is really very limited due to its niche technology. Moroever, I have worked on Siebel Open UI as well but i can say, it will take some years to evovle as current versions is kid and still it needs lot of improvement. When i workedon Open UI, i made sure, i did not configure much on siebel tools, but to open on presentation model etc. I was able to implement much stuff without tools but still i worked on beta which was very young.
    Siebel is dying for sure, has kept in pace with technology unlike siebel whose UI totally sucks! Although m too young to comment on this, but i feel, future could be more brighter on cloud based technologies than working on siebel.

    • As per my experience, i strongly believe siebel is a legacy CRM system. Many large business entities are still using does prove the strong backbone of siebel CRM solutions, of course they may not be happy about the performance issues in siebel. But if oracle start innovating more in siebel like Open UI, For siebel sky is the limit ..!!

  5. Oracle itself has changed its focus completely onto Cloud. So it will be wise to learn new technologies related to cloud. Having said that, if you already have strong Siebel experience it will be very difficult to switch to cloud. Experience, expertise and the package/level will be very difficult to justify for any new technology you make a switch to.

  6. Siebel is definitely a legacy system now, but if you look at its extensibility, versatility, and OOTB functionalities, there is no other cloud/on premise system which comes even close. Even today, large scale implementations of companies having global presence and country specific requirements can only go Siebel for their CRM. The cost of cloud service licenses alone is too much for them.

    I left Siebel and spent some time in Fusion and SFDC, but now am back implementing Siebel for a telecom giant. Will wait and see where this goes.

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