System Activity Object

This might be a common knowledge that Siebel creates an activity record when you send an email out using F9 functionality. You can see these activities either in “Communication Screen” –> Communication List View (shown below). It shows you the body of the email, attachments and details like who sent the email out and to whom the email was sent.


You can also go to Activities Screen – Activity List applet ->All Activities view and query for activities of type Email – Outbound (shown below) and see the similar details.


Now what is interesting is that if you send these emails out from Opportunity, Service Request or Accounts view Siebel automatically populates corresponding Id of the record resulting in creation of relationship with the communication (activity record) and the source record from which communication was initiated.


image image

This happens behind the scenes and you don’t really have to do anything to make it happen. Now if you wanted same thing to happen in case email was being sent from a custom Business Component then you would have to understand how it happening? As the the title of the post says it happens through “System Activity Object”.

Go to your Siebel Tools and open the Options –> Object Explorer to add “System Activity Object” to your visible object list and you would see something like this


Now, All you need to do is add you custom business component and provide the id field that you would like to store based on which your relationship will be derived as shown below


You can use 6 Id fields available to you and store additional data corresponding to that entity including the Contact Id , Account Id tied to that particular entity which allows you to show related communication under contacts and accounts.

I would like to thank “Ankush Sood” for providing idea for this post. Questions and comments are welcome. I hope this helps!!

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