Siebel Serialization -generating custom sequence numbers

This article has been contributed by Chandan Chandwani, a friend of mine.

There are lot of times you get a requirement to generate custom sequence numbers that should be a combination of several fields based on the customer requirement. You will have to go through lot of hoops to build a custom functionality to achieve this. This article explains how you can do that using Siebel Serialization framework provided by Siebel as part of Public Sector application to extend this functionality in a Siebel SIA application.

Not taking much time we will jump straight to steps to generate sequential case numbers of following format, “Category-Type-XX” where XX is sequence number generated automatically by Siebel.

 Steps to generate custom serial number:

1) Extend the table S_CASE_SEQ_NUMBER with a column X_CASE_SEQ_NUM as shown below :


2) Apply and Compile the changes , then create a Field in the ‘PUB Counter’ BC

For example we have created ‘Cassation Counter’ field mapping it to the ‘X_CASE_SEQ_NUM’ column. (See Image below)


3) We have to deactivate the auto serialization  for that go to the HLS Case BC user properties and set the value of ‘SerializationAutoGenerate’ as ‘N’


4) Create a Dummy Business object for example ‘Cassation Test BO’ and add HLS Case as the Primary Business Component.


5) Go to Siebel Application => Administration Data =>List of Values

  • Create a New Record with the TYPE as ‘PUB_CASE_RULE_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE’
  • Display value as ‘Cassation Counter’ (The same counter created earlier)


6) To define a New Serialization Rule , go to the Siebel Application => Administration Cases =>Serialization Rules

  • Create a New Record and define the Business Object and Business Component Value
  • Identify the fields you want to use and the format you want to use for the serialization number and put the same in the attributes


The serial number generated for above shown attributes will be something like ‘Category-Type-XX’

  • Where Category will be the value for field ‘Category’
  • Type will be the value for field ‘Type’
  • XX – is the counter value

Finally, you can use ‘PUB Case Serialization Service’ BS to actually Get and Set these custom serial numbers using the two methods provided by this Business Service

  • GetSerialNumber: Get custom serial number based on a Serialization rule
  • SetSerialNumber: Set custom Serial Number on particular record

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  1. Hi Neel,
    I have requirement for generating Sequence in Siebel Marketing and Siebel Call Center (Universal Agent) Application.The above post is applicable for those application?If We can tell me how we can enable the Admin-Cases View.
    I able to find the BS PUB Case Serialization Service in tools.

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