Siebel Product Configurator and SWT files

Few days back while working on Grand Child display of Product Configurator I had a chance to tweak Siebel Product Configurator SWT files. It is the Siebel Web Template (SWT) files that render the UI of product configurator. So, I thought to share some tweaks that I made to SWT files and the results of those tweaks.


  • We had to get rid of the Customize (wrench) icon (as shown below) which acts as the drill down for that product. As we were in process of enabling Grand Child Display there was no need for this wrench to be present.
    Siebel Product configurator Customize Icon
  • Get rid of Explanation Lable
    Siebel Product Configurator Explain icon


  • Look for the SWT file that your product is using.
  • In our case it was eCfgControlCheckPriceMultiLevelJs.swt.
  • Open this SWT file in any editor (WordPad).
  • Search SWT file for the “CfgFieldName:Explanation” string
  • We found this text in the section shown below
    Siebel CRM Product Configurator SWT file code

In this section

CfgFieldName:Explanation, CfgUIControl:lblExplanation, HtmlAttrib_align:center*
Refers to the Explanation section that appears in product configurator

CfgFieldName:Customize, CfgUIControl:lblCustomize, HtmlAttrib_align:center
Refresh to the Customize (wrench) button that appears in product configurator

  • Just remove these lines and our section then started looking like. Siebel Product Configurator SWT modified Code

And the result was Product Configurator UI without customize and explanation options.

5 Responses to Siebel Product Configurator and SWT files

  1. Hi ,

    I have a question regarding the econfigurator.I have a requirement where I need a delete button to delete the child Products within the configurator.

    I checked the SWT files and could not find the delete button.Any idea ,whether the control is available or do I need to create a custom button??

  2. Hello…
    I think its late to reply but better Late than Never..

    In 8.1 version,
    Siebel provided the out of box Delete Functionality.
    Where we need to add a Single Line in the Webtemplate..Which brings a Delete Button in the Configurator but this Functionality is provided for the Combo Box Theme only but not for others..But even am succeeded in other themes 🙂
    For Combo Box:

    CfgFieldName:Customize, CfgUIControl:lblCustomize, HtmlAttrib_width:70, HtmlAttrib_align:center*
    CfgFieldName:Remove, CfgUIControl:lblRemove, HtmlAttrib_width:70, HtmlAttrib_align:left”
    Pls add this Remove… Code in the eCfgRelationContentsQuantityJS.swt Webtemplate and your are Done..

    Vijay Kumar

  3. Can anyone help me to remove the messagebox in configurator. which lines need to be commented in eCfgBaseAutoRepriceJS template any idea?

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