Siebel Open UI Portlets – putting them to test

Siebel Open UI Portlets – putting them to test

I have been trying to implement various features of Open UI and yesterday it was turn of Portlets. As per the bookshelf with Siebel Open UI it is possible to display Siebel Views and Applets in external applications using Siebel SWE API and a new parameter called IsPortlet. As @lex has demonstrated this feature in this post it works.

I wanted to give it a real life test in order see how far we can go with this feature. So, I fired my local running Sample Open UI (in chrome) and in the other tab I entered the following URL


And sure enough Opportunity List Applet was visible along with my Pie Chart that I had described in the last post.


Operations like Query, New worked but I had to use the buttons, the keyboard shortcuts such as ATL+Q (Query), CTRL+B (Copy) didn’t work.  To my Surprise even the drilldowns worked


Now was the time for a real time test for which, I setup a local environment using WAMP then setup simple page to mimic a real life scenario. As I understood there are two ways to include Siebel View and Applets.

  1. IFrame
  2. jQuery – Load

First I setup a simple page with following code

<div id=”siebelapplet” style=”height:500px; width:940px”>
<iframe src=”http://localhost:8080/start.swe?SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=Opportunity+List+View&IsPortlet=1&SWEApplet=Opportunity+List+Applet”/>


Nothing appeared!!! Looking at the console tab for Chrome displayed these errors


Since the Open UI uses AJAX call to drive Open UI functionality and they are not permitted across domain you get this error. Using the second approach through jQuery load function also resulted in same Cross Domain error


This behavior has been identified as a product defect in and workaround is available to make it work if ports are same and only domain is different but no solution if the ports are different. The product defect is suppose to be fixed in

Have you tried to implement this feature? Please share the experience. 

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  1. Hi,

    Can you please provide any information on what to focus on while testing Open UI?
    Any test approach/strategy or any kind of information testing Open UI will be helpful.
    What challenges are there in testing this Open UI?

    Any particular areas to be focused and careful with?


  2. Hello guys,

    Need your suggestions on below requirement.

    We have requirement where we need to show output document(which is of .html notation) within Siebel applet. The output document is present in Siebel file system, I can copy it to any other folder as it’s getting generated by Siebel workflow.
    I have tried by placing html(suppose a.html) file on /opt/siebel81/sweapp/public/enu folder and accessed it through symbolic url – http://webserver_address/a.html, everything is working as expected with this static url, but when I am thinking of dynamic url, appending name of file as parameter, url is getting appended with name value pair, not the only value and due to which Siebel is not able to find the file with the generated url.

    I heard about Rich Text control user properties, but not sure how we can apply it in this scenario.

    Thanks in advance.

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