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As I had said in my initial post about Siebel Open UI that it has a long way to go when it comes to real project implementation. This post is provides another example reaffirming my opinion. Oracle has gone ahead and replaced the Active X calendar control and legacy SI calendar control with jQuery calendar control. Unlike Active X calendar control that could be customized using user and system preferences they have provided no documentation or way to customize the jQuery based calendar control.

We were asked by the client to make the changes to calendar and make Monday as the first day of week and in addition to change the text “Now” to “Today”. Since no documentation was available I tried searching Siebel Unleashed 🙂 and Siebel Essentials but found nothing. Next step was to open an SR with Oracle support and as usual it didn’t help. Only thing it resulted in is an Enhancement request. It also exposed skill level of Oracle Support when they said that it is just not possible to customize the calendar control in Open UI.

Then the last step was to try to find the answer on our own and it turned out, that it wasn’t that difficult. After a bit of string search, customizing couple of files we were able to achieve this and as usual sharing it here, for everybody’s benefit.

Problem Statement:

  • Change the button Label from “Now” to “Today”
  • Change the Calendar control to make Monday as the first day of the week instead of the default Sunday.


For the first requirement a simple text search for string “Now” in the scripts folder brought up a file named “swemessages_enu.js”. This file contains many string definitions that are used by Siebel in various controls and errors messages. You would see line shown below in the file and changing the string “Now” to “Today” will do the trick.

Before Modification


After Modification



The second part of requirement was a bit more tricky. After struggling for a few hours I again performed a text search in the scripts folder for string “IDS_SWE_TIMEPICKER_CURRENT_TEXT” and that brought up name of another file “datepicker-ext.js”. This file turned out to be the key file containing initialization information of jQuery calendar control.


But I still couldn’t figure out how to make Monday as the first day of the week. I tried changing the array definition but it only effected the UI. A bit of research on net revealed that jQuery datepicker control has an option called “firstDay” that controls the day of the week.

So adding the following line did the trick


firstDay : 1

And the result was as you can see below:


But this didn’t seem the right way to do it, so I actually did it the way other options had been define which was as following:

  1. In swemessages_enu define a new option
  2. In datepicker-ext.js file define firstDay parameter
    firstDay        : _SWEgetMessage( “IDS_SWE_TIMEPICKER_FIRST_DAY” ),

The final result is as shown below:


Hope this help!! Happy Customizing 🙂

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  1. Neel

    I have a requirement to get field value of a control which is not exposed in open UI form applet
    Control exists in form applet , but not displayed. Is there anyway i can get the value of this control or field?


  2. the answer depends on how it is hidden. The only way I have been able to get values of control not displayed is, if they are hidden using CSS {display:none}

    In case if they are hidden from tools then usually they don’t appear in the markup and also not accessible from PM.

  3. Neel

    Owner field on the calendar view in HI is visible on the calendar applet. In open UI, it’s a popup which is invoked on a button click which is present on the extreme right on the calendar applet. We were asked by our client to bring make rendered on the applet similar to HI with out the need for a button click. How do you suggest we achieve this?.


  4. Hi,

    Is there a way slider bar for stamping the time can be changed in Open UI similar to high interactivity?

  5. Hi all,

    I am doing the mentioned changes on the datepicker file, but my calendar days order isn’t changed on the datepicker popup.

    Are there any parameter (server) which have be set?

    Do you please explain in short description the essential steps for this change, in a sum up?

    Thanks in advance,



  6. This solution didn’t work for me (IP 2014 & 2016) because firstDay var was overwritten to null in pwinfra.js/GetWeekStartDay().

    I changed the constant LOCAL_WEEK_START_DAY in siebelconstants.js from 23 to 1 and calendar has worked fine.
    This constant is used only in GetWeekStartDay() method.

    Important: After the changes, you must clear the browser cache and reload page.

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