Siebel Open UI -coming 2012

User Interface has been the most disappointing feature of Siebel Application. It is not flexible, intuitive,user friendly or cool. In addition to that we are stuck only with IE for High Interactivity (HI) applications. It would seem that Siebel is unaware of all the development that is happening on the web with respect to web apps and user interface. Siebel is still sticking with UI that was developed with technology almost 10 years old (exaggerating a little… I know).

I wouldn’t blame users if they prefer custom portal application over Siebel as described by Jason with examples. These web based applications are easy to use with their intuitive UI developed using Web 2.0 technology.  There is no denying that Siebel has the one of best data model and  business layer when it comes to enterprise application but lack on the good UI layer is a deal breaker.

But it seems come 2012 it is all going to change after seeing the Oracle Open World PDF shared by Alex explaining Siebel Open UI. Below are some highlights of what to expect from Siebel Open UI

Main Features:

  • Transforms Siebel deployments into a truly “Open” Platform supporting all browsers not just IE
  • Smart, efficient, with a modern look and feel
  • Great User Experience on any Browser, tablet
  • Highly optimized usability and productivity
  • Easy to deploy and maintain

Standards Based:

  • HTML 4.01 Standard (HTML 5 optional)
  • CSS level 2.1 (CSS level 3.0 optional)
  • JavaScript version 1.5

Here is look at Standard Siebel and Open Siebel UI side by side



More details can be found in the PDF available for download using this link or from here. Siebel Open UI will allow use of external JS Frameworks such as jQuery to provide intuitive features such as search suggestion, auto form completion and cool looking tool tips that you always wanted. Unfortunately 🙁 it will only be available next year, so we will have to wait till then. From the PDF it seems like it will only be available from Siebel 8.1 version (start thinking about upgrade if you are on lower version).

So, what are you waiting for… starting honing your JavaScript skills and your imagination and get ready to develop some cool looking UI’s make Siebel cooler than ever.

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  1. Good post, Neel – you’re first 😉
    I have to disagree with your first line. If you think that the most disappointing feature of Siebel is its UI, you might have never seen other “enterprise” apps (not telling names here).Despite its age and limitations – a child of the year 2001 when IE had a market share of 90% – the High Interactivity client is comparatively intuitive.

    However the Open UI is well overdue and will be highly appreciated. Call for upgrade to 8.1/8.2.

    have a nice day


  2. Hi Neel,

    Good post! I have been following your Posts. Right now, I am stuck with a requirement on Protecting the SIEBEL generated Documents. I have dynamic sections and static sections on my Doc, so the Master Template is a blank one and the rest are divided into 11 subsections( 3 tables). I tried runnin macros in the Master template, on AutoSave and all possible events, but they wouldn’t work except on Open event. i am terribly and desperately in need of help. Kindly help.


    • When you say protecting Siebel generated documents I assume you want to make the generated document read only so that user cannot edit the document and overwrite the original document??

      • Hi Neelmani,

        Yup thats exactly what I require, but the issue is my Document is divided into one base template and 11 sections(Components). Would you have any idea how this can be achieved?? Any help would be seriously appreciated.


        • An easy solution for this is to make the attachment record read only once the proposal template has been generated. Here is what you can try

          Create a calculated field

          Name: Make Read Only Flag
          Value: IIf([ActivityFileExt] IS NOT NULL, “Y”, “N”)

          The create a Field Read only field user property on FileName field

          Field Read Only Field:ActivityFileName
          Value: Make Read Only Flag

          user will not be able to update the attachment record after that

  3. Why there is a sudden slow down recruitment for siebel crm ?

    is there again market share recession ?

    please tell me the companies implementing siebel crm in india and bangalore ?

  4. Its a Good news. 🙂 however.. i hear people these days saying that salesforce might overtake siebel.. anyody have an idea how far is this true ?

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