Siebel Inbound and Outbound Web Service-Introduction PPT

I have gotten so many comments requesting the Siebel Inbound & Outbound Web Service PPT that I had created in past. The PPT outlines the basic steps that needs to be followed to create Outbound and Inbound Web Services in Siebel. The link in the original post was hosted on external file sharing website that is no longer available. The good news is that after searching through my really old archives I was able to find the PPT. So, based on public demand here is the link hosted on Siebel Unleashed itself so that It doesn’t expires in the future.


Click Here to download the PDF Version!


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    • What you have understand is that Open UI doesn’t change anything at the Siebel business layer which means this hold’s good. Open UI just provides you the way call out these web service.

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