Siebel Export – Column sequence

This tip was shared by my friend Ashok Prabhakar.

We are all familiar with export functionality in Siebel. You can select any list applet, choose Export option which opens a popup. This popup allows you select few options and then hit Next button to get either a delimited (CSV, TAB and Custom) or a HTML file.


This post talks about “Columns to Export” option available in the Export feature. You have two choices

  1.  All : Export data for all the columns on the UI and the columns in “Available Columns” section.
  2. Visible Columns: Only export data for fields in the “Selected Column” section

For example if we take List of Values List Applet (image below). If we choose “Visible Columns” option during export then the data for fields such as Sub Type, Description, High, Low etc will not be exported whereas “All” option will export data for all columns


When you export data using “Visible Columns” option then the sequence of columns in export file is determined by sequence of the column on UI. For example if I were to re-arrange the LOV applet and make Type as last column then “Type” would also be last column in the exported file.

On the other hand when you export data using “All” option then sequence of export is different which is not governed by either HTML Sequence attribute or by UI arrangement of fields. Now to the main question.

Is it possible to fix the sequence of export, in other words “Type” should always be the first column of export and Sub Type should be the 2nd column and so forth, basically overriding the UI sequence of the columns?

Yes, it is possible but only if the export is done using “All” option

Here are the steps that you can follow to expose the sequence column in tools that controls the export sequence.

  1. Open Tools.cfg file
  2. Change the ClientConfigurationMode parameter value from “Web” to “All
  3. Open Siebel tools and Go to Applet –> List –> List Columns section
  4. You will see a new field with label “Sequence”
  5. Change this match your needs and you columns will be exported according to this sequence when export is done using “All” option

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