Siebel Export and MVF Fields

Gururaj Basavaraj a Siebel Unleashed reader shared a very useful tip for very commonly faced problem.


Whenever the user queries on the MVF Field on list applet and try to export the result records. The Siebel instance used to hang or it was taking too long time to export the records.


After investigating I found that the query on the MVF Field was not taking as “EXISTS(=<Value>)” as it is MVF Field but taking as “=<value>” because of which it was returning only those record in which that Query Value was Primary and export was making system to hang.

For example if you queried on MVF Field for the term ‘Siebel’ instead of executing it as EXISTS(‘Siebel’) it being executed as = ‘Siebel’.

There is a System preferenceDefault MVG Exists Query” which decides whether the query on MVF Field will default as “EXISTS(=<Value>)” or not. I made it “TRUE” and then the export hanging issue got resolved. To check or change the value of this preference follow the below given steps

  • Click on Site Map Icon
  • Choose Administration Application –> System Preferences
  • Query for Default MVG Exists Query
  • Change the Value to TRUE if FALSE

Please do provide your feedback if this tip has helped you.

3 Responses to Siebel Export and MVF Fields

  1. Siebel 8.1 is also having that System preference. If it is not present then try to add it and test. For quick test you can try on Local ( as it needs server bounce if you try to test on server).

  2. Hi Neel,
    one should keep in mind that setting this property to true, can dramatically DECREASE overall performance, as every MVG is queried using EXISTS() which is unneccessary most of the times.

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