Siebel CRM How To – Create a Siebel Local Data Source?

There can be several reasons to create new Local Data Sources such as:

  • Same System is being used by several users simultaneously
  • You need same local database but two different repositories
  • You need same tools installation and several different local databases

In all the above mentioned cases you will need to create a new Siebel Local data source. Here is a step by step guide which tells you how to do that.

  • Open your ODBC Data source Administrator. You can do this by either going to control panel and clicking ODBC Data Source icon or you can also give command odbcad32 in the run dialog box. You will screen shown below.

  • Click on Add button of the window. A new window is going to open.

  • Choose Siebel Database from the options that you see in the new window that opens as shown above and click on finish. A new window is going to Open as shown below:

  • In the ODBC tab provide the data source name it can be anything. Then go to Database tab
  • Enter anything in the Server Name field (This name is going to appear in DB Engine icon that appears in the taskbar)
  • In the start line you have to enter the path to your dbeng8.exe. You can also supply parameters with it usually the parameters (optional) that are part of connection string in tools.cfg file are supplied. (You can find the connection string and the parameters in tools.cfg file in the [Local] section. To know more about tools.cfg file and its parameter read [Link]). I am giving an example start line parameter that you can give.

C:\PROGRA~1\Siebel\7.8\Tools\bin\dbeng8.exe -q -m -x NONE -gp 4096 -c40m -ch60m

  • In the Database file field Click browse and select the local database that you are creating this data source for. Click on OK.
  • You can also test this connection by providing Username and password in the Login tab and clicking Test Connection in ODBC Tab (see the screenshot below. Just keep in mind to supply username/password in ALL CAPS e.g. username TESTUSER pwd TESTPWD)

  • Open your tools.cfg (Take backup before changing) file and find the parameter LocalDbODBCDataSource and change the value to the new datasource that you have just created like in this example we have created “Siebel New Database Connection” so that it would appear as in the image below.

That’s it you are done now. Enjoy your multiple Local Database Instances.

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