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I needed to setup Siebel CRM Desktop for demo to a client and ended up on Alex’s blog where he had explained the process making Siebel CRM Desktop work with dedicated or mobile client.I am not sure if it was my mistake in applying the patch or there has been a change in which Oracle has not accounted for but I was not able to make it work Out of the Box .

Here is steps that I had to do differently to make it work for mobile client with patch

Adding Meta Data LOV’s for missing files

After installation Siebel CRM Desktop didn’t work and gave error “Internal Error Occured” on examining the log file the error said following files could not be found in the CRM Desktop profile

  • activity_processor.js
  • data_sources.xml

These files were present in the package but they were not imported since there was no LOV available to support them. Here are the steps that I had to follow to correctly import and publish the files:

  1. Create two new LOV records for PIM_METADATA_FILE_TYPE LOV Type. I named them OL Activity Processor and OL Data Sources. (The names don’t seem to be important, you can name them as you want)
  2. Go To Administration – CRM Desktop –> Metadata File Types
  3. Create Mapping of the two newly created LOV types to file names
    1. Metadata Type: OL Activity Processor , Metadata File Name : activity_processor
    2. Metadata Type: OL Data Sources , Metadata File Name : data_sources
  4. Import the Package

Editing the Registry:

You need to follow this step only if you are trying to make Siebel CRM Desktop work with dedicated or mobile client. You need to change the following two registry values in HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Software –> Oracle –> CRM Desktop –> Credentials

  • Siebel:ComponentName
    • Default Value : eai_enu
    • New Value :
  • Siebel:RequestSuffix (Already mentioned by Alex)
    • Default Value: start.swe?SWEExtSource=WebService&SWEExtCmd=Execute&WSSOAP=1
    • New Value : start.swe?SWEExtSource=WebService&SWEExtCmd=Execute&UserName=username&Password=password

I was able to make desktop work after completing the above steps and here are the results


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