Siebel COM Data Control – Creating Connection

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  1. this code what you have written . Needs a DDL file and you should have tools installed in you local . So this code cannot be run by a real time user and this can be used only by a Siebel person who has tools / client in his local ..

    IF you have any other code which dont use SiebelDataControl use some other control to make the connection please do let me know.

    • There are ways to do that… I will try to address the scenario soon…
      but for this approach you need the dll but not necessarily siebel tools or client…
      you could copy the dll’s and register it on any system and make this work.. you can even write a small utility in a batch file to copy and register the dll …

  2. Hi Sir, is there a way to access the Outbound Webservices URL defined in Siebel from this interface? Thanks

  3. Hi, we have SSO enabled application; as you mentioned, need to have Object Manager instance that supports DB authentication.can you please elaborate on this. Any kind of sample code will be of great help.

  4. There is no code involved in this. You just need to create a copy of your object manager and enable DB authentication on that. Then in your connection string you will connect to this newly created component instead of original component

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