Repeating Component Request (RCR) jobs

Repeating Component Request (RCR) is an essential part of Siebel. They are generally used to execute batch jobs which you want to execute say once in a day or once in an hour. Examples below will help you to understand why we need to use RCR in Siebel

Example 1


Siebel needs to be integrated with external application via MQSeries. External application will put an XML in the MQSeries queue and Siebel needs to poll regularly to check if there is an XML file available in the MQ Channel and process it.


Create a workflow that will process XML after picking it up from MQ Channel. Create an RCR job that will be execute this workflow every 5 minutes to check for an available XML in the queue.

Example 2


Siebel needs to run Fulcrum search functionality available in Siebel. Indexes of the object on which Fulcrum is going to run are needs to be updated on daily basis.


Create an RCR job to run the components on daily basis which will result in updation of indexes.

Example 3


We need to check if an SR created 2 days from today has been updated or not and if not then we need to send an email.,


Create a workflow to fulfil the requirement and then create an RCR to run this workflow on daily basis on time where the usage of the application is not very high.

I hope the above examples must have helped you to understand the need of RCR.

In my next few posts I will :

  • Describe the process to create an RCR.
  • Problem and solution of multiple RCR job being spawned by Siebel resulting in application performance degradation and other problems.

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