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  1. Hi Neel, When we say that http is not reliable as compared to jms/MQ. But timeout also occurs in case of jms/MQ. So how in this case the reliablity and guaranteed delivery is handled in jms/MQ and how it cannot be handled in http?

    • Queue based systems will always be more reliable than P2P and being middlewares specifically created for purpose of integrating application they have several features built into them, which make them more reliable.

      I never said that it cannot be handled in http, what I said everything has to be explicitly handled by the developer, therefore it requires more effort.

  2. Hi, from my point of view, there is one question I’m really looking forward to solve, I know many of us will be grateful to know the answer:

    inbound integration in the next context:

    the requirement:

    1 contact (jon) may have 1 address(ST 230) using different types for the address (Home, Office).

    the data:

    Jon, ST 230, Home
    Jon, ST 230, Office

    the used structure:

    contact=S_CONTACT, address=S_ADDR_PER, type of address=S_CON_ADDR.TYPE_CD

    the issue:

    can’t use vanilla Contact/CUT Address Link ’cause it’ll only write one relation contact-address in the inter table.

    can’t use Cut Address for Account/Contact inter table based BC cause it requires the middleware to know the address Id to write in.

  3. Hi Neel
    Good Post waiting for other answers:
    just one query how in a webservice call we can handle uid\pwd dynamically. Do not want to use EAI uid\pwd in url…

  4. Hi Neel..
    In a webservice call how can we handle the username\password authentication dynamically….do not want to add EAI username/pwd at the end of URL

  5. Use Webservice Authentication Type as “Username/Password – clear text” in operations applet.

    It will send UserName/Password in SOAP Header rather than URL.

  6. Hi Neel,

    I have a question

    I have siebel Message and parent and child i,e Service Request and Activity for one SR i have ten child activities so using some vanilla i want extract the child 2nd and 3rd records values how to extract that values and which BS we need to use

    can please reply me as soon as possible


    • HI Syed,

      You can lots of BS, expressions, dot notations, aliases & scripting methods to extract the values u need. Supposed its a simple structure u can use the vanilla PRM ANI Utility Service and FINS Industry XML Query Service. Else u can use aliases or dot notations and extract the values. Else if its a complex structure use scripting Propery Set methods. There are plenty of options.



  7. Hi Neel,

    First of all, thank you for your very helpful posts.
    I have a tiny question that I think less important than the ones you’ve provided answers to, but actually we’re struggling, myself and my team, with it right now:
    What would be the impact of configuring Siebel to work with HTTPS (SSL) on existing Inbound and Outbound web services?
    We’re using Siebel, and we really need to know the impact of such step on legacy web services before starting to configure it.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Dave,

      The biggest hurdle that I had seen with https is in unix environment. Gettting necessary certificates installed in unix is a pain. It works some times but other times it doesn’t. We had a outbound web service that we were not able to get to work due to certificate issue.

      If you are windows environment then it is tad easier but then you have keep track of when the certificates are going to expire because suddenly one day your interface would stop working as certificate is no longer valid. Other than that I have not faced any issue with HTTPS.

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