Picklist in Siebel – An Overview

I think every Siebel developer gets to create a Picklist in his siebel carrer.This is one of the basic configuration that we do in siebel. In this post I will try to give overview of Picklist by answering few basic questions.

What is Picklist?

Picklist in Siebel allows user to select values from of either drop down list (Static Picklist)  or Select record from an Popup Applet (Dynamic Picklist) rather than letting user type in the value in the field.

What Type of Picklists are available in Siebel?

Two Types of Picklists are available

  • Dynamic Picklist (Also known as Pick Applet)
  • Static Picklist

What is difference between Dynamic Picklist and Static Picklist?

  • Static Picklist is based on Picklist Generic BC and gets it values from List of Values table (S_LST_OF_VAL)
  • Dynamic Picklist can be based on any business component and basically used while creating Pick Applets which allows us to pull information across entities with the help of joins. To explain it better with the help of an example.

I want to allow user to choose an account for an opportunity. To accomplish that I will create a dynamic Picklist based on account BC and use it in opportunity BC

Bounded VS Unbounded Picklist?

Picklist can be

  • Bounded: User can only choose from the provided set of values. User cannot enter his own values.
  • Unbounded: User can enter any values he desires.

How to define a Picklist as Unbounded?

A Picklist property called bounded is responsible for making Picklist as bounded or unbounded. If you set it to false (which it is by default) the Picklist will act as unbounded and if we set it as true then it will act as bounded. Image below shows the bounded property of Picklist.

In next posts we will discuss how to create static and dynamic Picklists.