Oracle Webcast – keep yourself updated!

Oracle Webcast – keep yourself updated!

In today’s world if you don’t keep yourself updated then without realizing you skill set can become obsolete very quickly. There are various ways to keep yourself updated with latest happening in IT and world. Here are few ways I use:

  • Feedly: Subscribe to various tech websites news feeds and get updates right in your browser or smart phone
  • Blogs: Follow blogs they are great source of information
  • Google Alerts: Setup alerts for keywords that you would like know about. Google will send you update as soon it finds anything on those topics
  • Google+: It is a great resource to find new information and be updated about latest and greatest that is happening currently

(You know a more ways? Please share in comments)

Now, thanks to Charles Knapp of Oracle you can keep yourself updated with latest happening in Siebel CRM world. Here is what he had to say.

Today’s customers are mobile, social, and more demanding than ever. Oracle continues to add new capabilities to Siebel CRM – helping you keep pace with rapid technological changes and growing customer expectations.

Join us for the first in a new monthly webcast series to discover how the latest enhancements to Oracle’s Siebel CRM can help you:

By Charles Knapp, Oracle

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