Oracle Fusion-Project Portfolio Management

Alex has been providing regular updates about Fusion Application progress from various sources. His posts have provided us with a pretty good insight of what to expect from what is being termed as Next Gen applications by Oracle. Basically Fusion application aims at providing unified experience for customers across all Oracle Suite of Enterprise Applications. Fusion Middleware and ADF Framework is going to be key to accomplish this objective.

In his latest post on Fusion Series he has shared a introductory video about Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management application. It is pretty good start to understand capabilities of Fusion Application and in case if you would want this video here is link to download it.

Download Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management introductory video

I will be sharing anything that I can find anywhere about Fusion Applications here but I would recommend following Siebel Essentials closely as you get to listen straight from the horses mouth about what is happening in Fusion Space.

 * Do Let me know if you would like to have other introductory videos also for downloading. Will post the links here.

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  1. Hi Neel, many thanks for the link. Horse’s mouth!? Oh my, I must get a dentist appointment 😉

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