Open UI – IP 2014 finally – component version problem solved!

It’s been almost a month since the IP 2014 was released. I downloaded it on the same day and installed it on the next day so, you might be wondering why this post took so long. Well, it was a combination of work overload and actually not being able to get IP 2014 to work. After the usual steps of downloading JAR, creating install image and going through the install process, I started getting below error.

“Error: versions of installed components do not match (wanted version:, actual version: ENU )”

The whole download from 64 Section added to confusion and I thought since it is 64 bit download it might not work on a 32 Bit Windows 7 OS and I should wait a few days for 32 bit install to be available. But after a bit of research and clarification, it was confirmed that the  Siebel natively is a 32 Bit Application so the installer should work.

When searched for this error then I got posts that mentioned about corrupted installer and remedy was to download/re-install the whole thing but when even after several attempts of un-installing and re-installing I couldn’t get it to work. In desperate attempt I deleted the whole tools and client directory including the registry entries and tried a fresh install but ended up with same issue. To make the matters worse I didn’t even take the backup of the JS files (PM/PR) I had created including the field level help wizard 🙁 (yes, some rework in process).

So, I took a break of few days and tried looking for solution again which I found while reading @lex post of setting up of self study environment. In that post @lex had mentioned about getting a option of a New Install or Migrate an existing install but I didn’t see any such option during my install process. So, I knew that I was doing something different than @lex. After carefully reading the post I found that @lex triggered the install through setup.bat instead of module.exe that comes in the install folder of the patch. I tried the same and voilà I got a totally different installer than before and installation was successful. Here are the screenshots of both the installers.


Module.exe installer                                setup.bat installer

I am not sure why it is this way, but it caused me a real headache so just to reiterate:

You can use install files marked as 64 bit on a 32 bit machine (I set it up on 32 Bit Windows 7 OS) but use setup.bat instead of normal install.exe or module.exe (only for Also don’t forget to run it as administrator.

Most of the things about IP 2014 have already been published and that too in quite detail so I will keep it short. It is a step in right direction and the goods have already been highlighted in detail so I will just mention the bad’s.

  1. Text area expansion. There is still no show more button beside text area so it is pain to work with them (a solution in progress).
  2. Annoying message that you get when you close popups using X
  3. Neither form applets not list applets are responsive. I was hoping to get at least form applets to be responsive.
  4. Color scheme is too bland.
  5. Although three types of navigation controls are available but Tabbed navigation is still the most user friendly way to navigate.
  6. Contact cards interface is still not user friendly (try querying in card interface).

That’s it for this post but stay tuned lots of good stuff in store.

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  1. Oracle decided pretty much on purpose to keep the Aurora theme as simple as possible from a color scheme perspective. This makes it easier for customers to apply their own branding. The default color scheme is a better starting point and for smaller implementations the default Aurora might be pretty much satisfactorily. Agree that tabbed navigation should be the default rather than than the side menu variant. Luckily we can change it 🙂 The side menu theme is meant for touch devices rather than (traditional) desktop. Unsure why this was made the default for all object managers, it should have seeded as NAVIGATION_TAB for most object manager comp definitions and only NAVIGATION_SIDE for Mobile object managers.

    With regards to the Text Area expansion, in IP14 it is relatively simple to create a control plug-in wrapper to change the behavior. I have this put on my Todo too 😉

  2. Hi…..

    Regarding the “Text area” expansion, we can have a custom solution to implement the same in ver with IE-9 as browser. We have implemented the same in our project. Will share you the fix based on the number of interests.


  3. I got this problem myself, why we have both .exe and .bat and both lead us to different installation screens with different options….

  4. Hello, thanks for posting this. I had the same issue with the component version problem, and running setup batch file did the trick.

    I’m surprised to hear that neither form nor list applets were responsive–they were preaching at OracleWorld that IP14 was going to introduce responsive UI. Is there some sort of Patchset that is coming out that will enable Responsive UI?

    Also, we are going from (IP 13) to Any pitfalls when running the IRM that you can share?

    Thank you,
    Ron V

    • At, this point there is no indication of a patchshet coming out to make it responsive and I doubt they will put more focus on it given that features that they are trying to introduce in IP2015 i.e. no web templates and tools on web.
      IRM doesn’t have any reported issues or pitfalls other than they you might have already encountered during your upgrade.

    • Hi Guys,

      are you able to launch Siebel openUI application with windows 32 bit ? Siebel
      If yes. Pleas let me know the workaround to launch Siebel application. I have windows 7 with 32 bit operation system.

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