How to trigger asynchronous requests from dedicated client?

Siebel workflows can be triggered Synchronously or Asynchronously. To explain it simply Synchronous means user has to wait for the process to finish  where as in an Async. process a job is submitted to the server and user can go his merry way doing whatever he is doing.

The difference between both is that Synchronous requests can have current context (A business service called in Synchronous workflow can use ActiveBusObject, ActiveView, Profile Attributes etc) but Asynchronous request cannot. Asynchronous requests are used, usually for processes where heavy processing is required or certain integration that need to be triggered in background.

If you are interested in knowing how they can triggered you can go through following article to get details about Asynchronous request. If you run the code provided in the post in a dedicated client you will get an error as dedicated is not setup by default to contact gateway. This is required in order to create job for component you specify. In order to trigger Asycnhrounous requests from dedicate client you have make changes to your client CFG file and add Gateway connectivity parameters.

Follow the steps given below to setup your dedicated correctly:

        1. Open your client CFG file
        2. Find the data source labeled as GatewayDataSrc
        3. Enter the following values for following parameters
          PrimaryEnterprise        = YOUR ENTERPRISE NAME
          ConnectString            = YOUR GATEWAY NAME : GATEWAY PORT
        4. Once you have entered your gateway data source should look something like
          ConnectString              =
          PrimaryEnterprise        =  testenterprise
          ‘DLL                              =
          DLL                              = sscda10.dll
          Hidden                        = TRUE 

Restart your client and you should be able to trigger Asynchronous requests from dedicated without any problems

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