How to break Oracle My Support?

How to break Oracle My Support?

I broke Oracle My Support portal. Stumbled upon a defect in Oracle My Support. I am calling it an defect and not an issue because I am able to replicate it consistently in every browser. After encountering  this defect it is not possible to navigate the portal without refreshing the browser.

Here is the screenshot of error that pops up

Target Unreachable, ‘backing_ui_taskflow_km_view_DocumentContent’ returned null

ADF_FACES-60097:For more information, please see the server’s error log for an entry beginning with: ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exception during PPR, #230

You see following error message when browser is refreshed


Here are the steps to replicate the issue:

  1. Search for anything using Search Knowledge Base field : image
  2. Click on any article link to open up that article
  3. Click on any of the tabs present (Dashboard, Service Request, Patches)
  4. Click on browser back button to come back to article.

That’s it, it seems the browser back button some how messes up their task flow and now you cannot navigate the oracle my support without refreshing the whole screen that’s when second error message appears but it starts working again.

Oracle, if you are reading please fix it. I would say not very useful but interesting piece of information. What do you think?

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