How to include jQuery in Siebel SI

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    • jQuery is javascript based framework to make the interaction with pages easy. It allows DOM manipulation with ease thus allowing less javascript code and more functionalities.

      Most of the major websites use jQuery at some level to provide interaction with users. The cool effects that you see such as fade in -fade out of UI elements are achieve through it.

      I hope this helps a little

    • hmm… my previous post has gone somewhere…

      siebel web template is a regular html page, where inputs, labels and other stuff is generating according to swe:control tags. commonly we do not know which id it will have in a resulting page. but we can provide our own attributes through HTML Attribute property of applet/controls. for example, id=’myid’.

      after that we can work with this input right in the template via javascript (getElementById), jQuery ($(#myid)), etc.

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