Happy belated Birthday Siebel Systems l!!

Happy belated Birthday Siebel Systems l!!

This was suppose to go live couple of weeks back but couldn’t, due to unavoidable circumstances, but as they say better late than never. So, here it goes as part of Siebel’s 20th Anniversary year I would like to convey my wishes, share my thoughts about past and look into future.

Year 1993, the year Tom Siebel introduced OASIS (Oracle Automated Sales Information), I don’t remember much about the year except the fact that I was still in high school barely 13 years old and I had not even heard about computers. My first experience with computers happened during my college days around year 2000 and I quickly gained expertise in Networking. Believe it or not, I barely completed my bachelors and joined a computer institute as trainer. Just after an year or so of my foray in IT dot com bubble bust happened and that bust forced me think hard about my future and I decided to pursue masters in computers (back to college another 3 years).

IT picked up by the time I completed my post graduation in year 2005. Fresh out of college after completing my masters in computers I heard the term Siebel for the first time on my first job (technically second) in year 2005. My first thoughts were “What the hell is that? I am screwed!!”. In those days buzz words were programming languages like Java, C, C++ and .Net. Nobody I knew had any idea about Siebel and I was jealous of my friends who had managed to get into Java, C and C++ projects.

1 year into Siebel I realized I have hit jackpot after I received my first appraisal letter 🙂 . Siebel was niche area and supply was far less than demand. I started blogging in year 2007 and siebelunleashed was created in September 2007 to share my findings, knowledge, thoughts, experience and most importantly to learn Siebel. 6 years later, thanks to you Siebel Unleashed is one of the most visited blogs with nearly 25000 unique visitors per month.

Talking about future,

I would say next few years are going to be best years of working in Siebel as the Oracle Innovation packs are introduced, transforming Siebel into a stable, scalable and robust Web Application. I can see a wave of upgrade projects and people coming up with new ideas to re-design business processes and introduce killer features. Open UI themes and Plug-ins are great areas to invest and seize the initiative.

So, here’s to bright future of Siebel CRM and another year of sharing, exploring, learning and most importantly reading 🙂

Cheers & Thank You !!

Yours Truly

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  1. Neel and all SiebelUnleashed contributors,
    My thanks to you all for your blogs, posts and answers. I have found so many solutions and interesting reads here.
    Keep going, Unleashed!

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