genbscript – Generate Browser Scripts.

Browser scripts are indispensable part of Siebel scripting. Browser scripts are nothing but java scripts that are executed on client side. Mostly when the requirement is to show a prompt (YES/NO OR OK/CANCEL) we write browser script for that. When you write a browser script on an object a .js file is created in the browser script folder for that object. That file contains the JavaScript code.

Browser scripts are located in Siebel installation\web client\public\enu.

When you compile the object on which you have written browser scripts the .js files are automatically generated in the path specified above. But sometime there is need to generate browser scripts manually as sometimes due to some patches or some reason browser scripts are not properly generated. Siebel has provided us with a utility called genbscript which allows to manually generate browser scripts. This utility is located in

Siebel installation\web client\Bin\genbscript.exe

You have to run that utility from command prompt. Follow the steps given below to generate browsers scripts manually using genbscript utility. For the sake of simplicity we are assuming that Siebel is installed in C Drive you can change the path according to your installation

  • Open command prompt (in Run command field type CMD or command)
  • cd c:\program files\siebel\7.8\web client\bin
  • genbscript “C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.8\Web Client\BIN\ENU\uagent.cfg” “C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.8\Web Client\PUBLIC\ENU”

don’t append \ after ENU you will get an error. \ is automatically appended by siebel when you run that utility.

genbscript has the following syntax:

genbscript “your path to cfg file” “path where browser script should be generated”

You can also automate generation of browser script with the help of batch file. But that is subject of another post.

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  1. hi Guys,

    I like to know which is best practise for generating browser script for compiled SRF. either it is incremental or Full compiled. Actually we are not facing any issue if we use by tools option for generating bs.

    Looking for answer.


  2. Hi Team,

    Please let me know.While generating browser scripts whether service should be up.I have a problem with browser scripts.I want to re-generate the browser scripts and no changes to the srf.

    1. Stop the Siebel Server
    2. Generate browser scripts
    3.Start the Siebel Server and restart the web server.

    Please acknowledge

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