Freebies – not related to Siebel

For the Last time I am going to post something unrelated to Siebel on this blog. For everything not related to Siebel I have created another blog which I have named as

Freebies – Story of a common man trying to make money off internet.


As the name says I will be sharing my tips, experience and views about these so called money making websites. I will be posting reviews about websites, products and software’s which I think can make difference to you. You are more than welcome to join, share your experience and help others in benefiting from something that you know.

I will be moving all Non-Siebel related posts from here to Freebies. It doesn’t mean that I will stop posting stuff about Siebel. There are quite of few topic on my Radar which I will posting soon. A Series about Integration Objects is one of them which I have already started and will be completing soon.

I would also like to thank you all wonderful people for reading, sharing and being part of Siebel Unleashed. Please continue to do so. Your feedback is really valuable to me, do participate through comments and posts. Your feedback helps me recharge and know about your preferences and keeps me honest and eager to write more.

Thanks for everything

Neelmani Gautam

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