Finding lost watch window in Siebel Tools

This might seem like strange title but it is apt for the problem that I am going to describe in this post. Few days back suddenly I lost my watch window in Siebel Tools. I didn’t matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it to open. After a bit of search online I realized that I was not alone who was suffering from this problem. There were several blogs and website that had mention to this problem.

The usual solution described were

  1. Hide the taskbar and try to locate the window from behind it or try to find it in some hidden corner.
  2. Close the Siebel Tools and restart the machine
  3. Delete the tools SPF file

I tried each one of them but none of them work. I had almost resigned to my fate and moved on with my life till the day I was assigned a difficult bug. Debugging in Siebel without watch window is next to impossible so I had two options either find a solution or try to resolve the defect by using raise error text or dumping variables to files. So, I invested sometime to find the solution and sharing the solution that worked for me.

During my early days in VB development I had used registry to store the location and state of application windows (minimized, maximized). I decided to give registry a try and see if Siebel is also doing the same. Below are the steps to open registry

First step is to Close your Siebel Tools (Very Important)

In Start Menu Run type “regedit” and hit enter or OK button


You would see a tree like structure with several keys. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER key


Now Click Edit –> Find or CTRL+F key combination to bring up the Find window. Enter “Siebel Tools” as the search string and hit enter


There might be several entries that you might find. You need to find entry that mentions your Siebel Tool installation path as shown below.



Now delete the key with name “NormalLayout” by hitting delete


Next delete “All” entries that start with CommandBars-Bar( n ) [n is the number starting from 0].


Close the registry.

As the last step goto your Siebel Tools installation folder and search for *.SPF files. Delete the SPF file with the username that you use to login to Siebel Tools. For example if you use SADMIN then you would find a file named SADMIN&Siebel Tools.spf delete that file.

Fire your Siebel Tools and you should be able to see the watch window now.  Just in case if Watch Window still doesn’t popup try deleting the Entries starting ending with DockBar ( n ). This can fix problem of any lost windows that you might have such as Property Window or Palate Window.

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