Find the lost field in Siebel

Today what I am going to describe is not a usual practice but useful none the less. I had to do it quite a few times during siebel development. But I think it can become an excellent interview question as it requires basic knowledge of Siebel configuration. So, not wasting your time here it is.


A Business Analyst comes to me and asks me that, there is a field called “ Warranty To” (UI Name) in the Application somewhere. I have to find out where is it in the Application?

Sounds Simple??? Give it a bit of try and you will know that it is not as simple as it sounds.
Here is the step by step detail of adventure in pursuit of a “Lost Field” 🙂

  • Open Siebel Tools ( :o8 isn’t it obvious)
  • Go To Flat Tab View
    Siebel Application Siebel Tools Screenshot
  • Click on Control Object in the Object Explorer window
  • Query in the “Caption” Field and Query for “Warranty To” as shown below
    Siebel Application Siebel Tools Screenshot
    If you don’t find the record then Click on List Column and repeat the above step
  • Once you find the record note down the value in the field “Parent Applet
    (ISS Product Form Applet in this example) Siebel Application Siebel Tools Screenshot
  • Goto View Web Template Item object and Query for Applet Name in the Name field
  • Note down the View Name in GParent View Field
    (Product Admin Product Line Compatibility Rules View in this case)
  • Go to Screen View Object and Query for the View Name that you had noted down as shown below
  • Note down the value in the Parent Screen Field
    (ISS Unified Administration Screen in this case)
  • Go to Screen Object and Query with the Screen Name you noted down above
  • Note Down the Value in Viewbar Text Field
    (Administration – Product in this case)

You are done with the tools part. Performing the above steps has resulted in the following conclusion

The Field “Warranty To” is present in an Applet Named “ISS Product Form Applet” this Applet is present in a View Called “Product Admin Product Line Compatibility Rules View” (Other views also contain this applet you can choose any one of them) and this View is present in the Screen called “Administration – Product

Now you can go the application and look for your field. One more tip to help you out.

When you take your mouse over to the Links in Site Map then you can see the actual view name and the Screen name in the Status bar of your browser as shown below. This can help you to identify the view which contains your applet.
Siebel Application Siebel Tools Screenshot

Hope this helps!!!

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