Siebel File System Clean Up

In the last part of this File System series post we will be discussing about:

  • Why do we need to Cleanup File System?
  • How to Cleanup the File System?

You can read about Basics and Problem in my previous posts.

Why Clean Up?

Maintenance of every component is required in any system to keep that system running smoothly. File System is an important component of Siebel CRM. If we don’t do a regular clean up us might face issues like

  • Shortage of storage space
  • Lot of invalid files
  • Performance impact on upload and download of files
  • Orphaned Files

Why files become invalid and orphaned?

There could be several reasons for file to become read only or orphaned some of them are

  • If you attach a file and then change it to URL type without deleting the record
  • If you attach the file and then without deleting the record attach another file to it
  • If you delete the record from dedicated client

How to Clean Up?

There is a command line utility provided by Siebel which performs the cleanup job on file system. That utility is called sfscleanup.exe which is located on server in bin directory.

This utility can be run with various switches. Some of the important switches are

/u : “denotes username usage is /u sadmin”
/p : “denotes password usage is /p password”
/f  : “path to file directory or file system usage is /f \\server name\foldername”
/m : “move the directory to the following path usage is /m c:\movefolder (windows path)or /m /apps/movefolder (Unix path) ”
/g : “Delete the orphaned or invalid files not created by Siebel file system manager usage is /g Y (N is default)”

Details of these switches and their usage can be found in Siebel System Administration guide PDF.

This will conclude our Siebel File System series posts. Stay tuned for more

2 Responses to Siebel File System Clean Up

  1. Neel,

    I am using Siebel Having a customized view, where we are deleting the parent BC record. With Cascade delete, it is deleting the Child BC (Attachment) record as well from database. But the attachment (.saf) file is not getting deleted from the File System. It becomes an orphan file. Is there anything I need to mention explicitly to ensure the deletion of the file from filesystem as well while we delete the record through UI?

    Your help is much appreciated.


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