File Attachment – read from file

In this post I will share small piece of code that I wrote long time back to  resolve a production issue. This can be considered as a small utility of sorts that can come in handy when required or can be viewed as an example eScript code to read information from file and perform certain action.


You can have certain files in folder that you would like to attach to a different service requests.  Service Request Number or Id (unique identifier) is part of file name. You files have following naming convention “Text – Number – Text.extension” for example

Customerattach – 1234567890 – email.msg

Customerattach – 1234567891 – picturefile.jpg

Customerattach – 1234567892 – document.doc


The function expects 3 inputs

  1. FilePath: The path of file containing file details (Name of the files)
  2. AttachPath: The path where the actual files (attachments) are located
  3. RecordLimit: If you would like to limit

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