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You must have seen lots of web apps where you are able to collapse a section of website by clicking on a plus icon or something similar to that. So, not waiting further I dived right in and started researching how we can do that in Siebel Open UI.

First I tried to find the a jQuery plugin that will help me accomplish that but that seemed too much for this type functionality. After further research the solution that I found was too simple to implement in Siebel 2013 Innovation Pack (Siebel

The Solution in turned out to be just couple of Applet User Properties.

Yes, that’s right. To turn any applet into a collapsible applet  you just need to create two user properties.

  1. ClientPMUserProp
  2. Default Applet Display Mode

Below are the details of the user properties

  • Name: ClientPMUserProp
    Value: Default Applet Display Mode
  • Name: Default Applet Display Mode
    Value: Expanded

In case if ClientPMUserProp user property is already define on the applet then you can just add “Default Applet Display Mode” to the value by putting a comma at the end. As soon as you create these two user properties you start to see an icon at the far right corner of the applet as shown below

List Applet:


Form Applet:


That’s it you are done. As soon as you click the icon the applet will collapse and you will only see the header and clicking that icon again will expand the applet.

Since we have provided “Expanded” as value to the user property the applet by default is Expanded. You can also provide value as “Collapsed” to change the default behavior of the applet to be collapsed. In the below screenshot you can see the collapsed form applet in action.


and here is teaser preview for the next post


Yes, I did find a custom solution for people still on previous version of Open UI but with this you can go a step further and group applets as sections and expand/collapse complete section on clicking the icon.

Happy New Year!!

3 Responses to Expand – Collapse Siebel Applet – Siebel Open UI

  1. Hi, Neel,
    very helpful post, thanks. BTW, the data in a collapsed applet were retrieved since the view showed out or retrieved only when users click the expand button? I’ve seen some customers who want to put a lot of applets in a single view. that might cause some performance issues.

    • Hi Daniel,
      I haven’t analyzed the behavior if we set collapsed as default but I don’t think Siebel would delay the query until the applet is expanded.
      As this is achieved through jQuery which is manipulating the objects after they loaded.

      It might be still worth a try to analyze the spool file.

  2. Hi Neel,

    We wanted to expand or collapse the third level views. I tried the same user properties under view, but it dint work.
    Is it possible to so it for views also?

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