Error exporting Workflow Process in

We recently patched our environment to Siebel and started getting following error while trying to export workflow process records in Siebel Tools.

Error writing XML to file ‘D:\2-N93ZIX.xml’.

File could not be created as the directory specified for the file creation is not valid.(SBL-EAI-50228)

The reason for this error is enhanced security settings introduced in these patches that allows you write files only in the directories specified with the help of EAIFileTransportFolders parameter. You can read the following My Oracle Support article to find detail about this. What is surprising is that it effect Siebel Client (Thin/Thick) as well as Siebel Tools.

In order to fix this problem for Siebel tools and Siebel Thick Client you need to create following entry in Siebel Tools CFG (tools.cfg) and you application cfg

[EAIFileTransportConfigSubsys] EAIFileTransportFolders = c:\temp;d:\users\temp

You will only be allowed to export Workflows only at the specified paths which in above example means only temp folder in C drive and only in users temp folder in d drive.

But where there is will there is way. In order to make it behave normally you can create and entry like this.

[EAIFileTransportConfigSubsys] EAIFileTransportFolders = c:\;d:\

This will allow export to any directory in C Drive and D Drive (not recommended).You can follow instructions in article for Thin Client. Some might see this as nuisance but I believe this has now become a necessity. You may ask why?

Here’s Why?
Pre Open UI era customer facing applications (SI) were limited in capability and feature access was controlled based on HI/ SI Mode. With Open UI HI and SI applications have been merged these setting have been introduced to provide us with greater control on what is allowed/disallowed in customer facing applications. As Open UI matures as a product I expect to see many more settings to be introduced to enhance security and control access to features on application basis.

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  1. In case of dedicated client you can add it anywhere in cfg as this is a new section. In case of server you will need to set values for these parameters in Server Configuration screen. Yes, you will need to restart your dedicated client or server where ever you are adding the parameter

  2. Thanks, I was facing the issue while importing the WSDL in siebel tools, looking for some issues in the xsd or WSDL shared.

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