Elastic List Applets @ IP 2015

Before you start wondering, I have not accidentally written 2016 as 2015 in the title. If you are following the Siebel Updates then you would by now know that as part of IP 2016 Oracle is introducing a feature called Elastic List Applets. So, for people who haven’t heard about it here is some background.

Traditionally Siebel List Applets have some blank space allocated to their structure even if there are no records are present in the applet (screenshot). This space doesn’t serve any functional purpose except for hoarding screen real estate.


With IP 2016 they have made List Applets flexible so that it occupies only the required space depending on the number of records that are present.


Now, this may not seem like much but believe me it is a big deal for customers and quite a nice feature to have and probably might have been demanded by customers from Oracle.

I have good news for all those who cannot go to IP 2016 but still would like to have this feature. Although I have tested this in IP 2015 Custom & Aurora theme but it should work with IP 2014 and earlier versions also (minor modifications might be required). Eager to know about Solution??? Let’s get started.

Essentially all you have to do is introduce just one CSS rule in your application. If you have existing custom theme open up custom CSS file you have created for your theme . For those who don’t have custom theme only option is create and include a custom CSS files with the required rule through manifest entries.

Add the following CSS rule in your custom CSS file

.ui-jqgrid-bdiv{max-height:340px !important; height:auto !important;}

That’s it!!!!

I know you were expecting several complicated and lengthy instructions to make this happen but it is as simple as that. As soon as this rule takes effect List Applets become elastic




Yes, you are welcome and can use comments section to express your gratitude 😉 .

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  1. Hi Neel,

    Does this elongate if there are more than 10 records or its still 10 records?
    if it is still 10 records without the show more records option, is it due to ‘340px’ as max limit?

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