EAI Siebel Adapter QueryPage – Max PageSize

I you don’t have idea about Query Page method of EAI Siebel Adapter business service then I would recommend you to go through this post first. If you know about Query Page method then you must be knowing that the (as a general belief) maximum PageSize (No. of records returned in one go) limit is 100.

This is not true. The Maximum PageSize is determined by a parameter named “Maximum Page Size” at Object Manager. The value for this parameter by default is 100.

Giving the PageSize more than this parameter value will result in this error message

“PageSize method argument cannot be greater than ‘100’ specified by the server parameter ‘MaximumPageSize'(SBL-EAI-04455)”

To increase the PageSize on the thin client:

  • Go To Administration – Server Configuration > Servers
  • Select the Server on which you Object Manager Component resides
  • Query for your Object Manager Component
  • Click on the Parameter Tab
  • Query for “Maximum Page Size Parameter
  • Increase the value to the desired value

The value of this parameter takes effect immediately and no server or component restart is required.

If you are testing in Dedicated Client then you will get the same error despite increasing the parameter value at object manager level.

To increase the limit in dedicated client:

  • Open you client CFG file
  • Add the [EAISubsys] section in the CFG.
  • If this section is already there in your CFG file then add the following parameter in this section
    • MaximumPageSize = 200

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  1. Hi All,
    I know its not relevant but since Neel has brought this QueryPage method as a topic, I wanted to share my exp on this method. In Siebel 7.X we donot have a way to loop through the records on a BC but in 8.X, Siebel introduced new method like NextRecord, etc. So in order to use it in 7.X versions, QueryPage method can be used for looping through the records on a BC. Here is how you can to do it..
    1. Make sure there is a IO,IC based on the BO,BC
    2. In workflow, add a business service step calling “EAI Siebel Adapter” BS with QueryPage method and provide the following Input arguments as
    OutputIntObjectName-Literal-(IO Name)
    SearchSpec-Expression-(As needed)

    Output arguments:
    IsLastPage-Output Argument-LastPage
    NumOutputObjects-Output Argument-NumOutputObjects

    3.Have a decision box with a condition to loop back to the step needed as:

    And you are good to go..

  2. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for the post. But can you also mention as to what would happen if we change the parameter at Object Manager level? What is the significance of this parameter?

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