Difference between Siebel 7.X and Siebel 8.X

A lot of people have asked me to explain difference between Siebel 7.X and Siebel 8.X. Finally I have time to write about it (I know there has been lot of inactivity at Siebel Unleashed).Though nothing major has been changed at architecture level but everything has been touched upon and a few enhancements have been made in every area.

I will try to cover all the important areas where major changes have been incorporated in Siebel 8. List of things that will be covered as part of this series as following:

I will enable links of each topic in this post, as and when it is published and change the status of that topic to complete. I have already written couple of posts about Audit Trail so marking it as complete.

If you think that I have missed something that should be part of list please do share with us.