Debugging Task Based UI

Recently I was working on TBUI and my experience was not very pleasant (more on that later). It is cumbersome (also boring) to develop TBUI and even more difficult to debug it. In my quest to find more about TBUI I came across couple of things that can make task debugging easier.

  • Debug Mode

You can setup a parameter in CFG file that allows you debug task and view task properties, Contextual BC in a separate window. This window is very similar to Workflow Watch Window. You can find the details of this approach on Siebel Essentials blog.

  • Log Level

As most of you already know that you can enable logs for dedicated client using Environment Variables but enabling Siebel log doesn’t help in task debugging especially if you are trying to debug a moderately complex task (forget about extremely complex tasks). I came across a My Oracle Support article that describes the method enabling log only for tasks. You can follow steps given below to enable logs only for TBUI

    • Open Environment Variable Window
    • Create a new user variable with following detail
      • Name: SIEBEL_LOG_DIR
      • Value: Your path where you want log files to be stored
      • Value: TskNav =3, TskExec=3, StpExec=4, TskPresInfo=4

This article also describes method of enabling task logs for Web Client also which is basically increasing log level for following components

  • Workflow Definition Loading – 3 or 5
  • Task Execution – 3 or 5
  • Task Navigation – 3 , 4, or 5
  • Workflow Process Execution – 4
  • Workflow Step Execution – 4
  • Task Presentation Information – 4 Task UI Object Manager Log
  • Task UI Conflict Log
  • Task UI Union Sql Log

Example of a log file:
The following is an example of a log file with TskExec, TskNav, and TskPresInfo log events enabled.

TskExec TskState 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task state transition changes : Action invoked: ‘Navigate’, Current State: ‘Navigate’, Next State: ‘Navigate’.
TskNav Oper 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task engine requested to navigate to next view.
TskNav Oper 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Task engine requested to navigate to next step: ‘Task View 1’.
TskNav PathChange 3 0000000243fc1350:0 2006-02-22 23:49:49 Pushing frame to stack : ‘1*05*Start0*1*00*’.

Note:  You can also use this information to get logs for selective sub components of object manager.

Happy Debugging!!

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