Data Maps and Siebel Objects

Hey Guys I am back with what I promised a while ago. If you have read my earlier post about EAI Data Maps you must remember that I promised to share objects like Data Map XML, BC sif and test workflows.

So, here they are. In the zip file attachment what you will get is

A Data Map – Mapping Internal IO to External IO
A workflow – Which queries in Siebel uses Data Map and writes the output to file.
A Sif File – Containing both Internal and External IO

Internal IO is based on Service Request.

Just keep in mind that I created these object for learning purposes only so they are not actually used anywhere but they should be helpful to anybody who is trying to explore the areas of data maps.

In next post I will go through the whole process of creating IO and Data Maps in detail.

 Click on the link below to downlad the Siebel Objects

Siebel EAI Data Maps

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  1. Hi guys,

    Could please provide some guidlines on this error “Unable to load licensed options configuration.Please contact your systems administrator.(SBL-DAT-00124)”. Why siebel is behaving like this? i searched ib supportweb but they are saying Operating system is the problem, but we are using Windows 2000 Professional. So i could not get a problem.

    Will you please give me a quick solution to workout properly.

  2. Hello, I have the same probleme than RAM:
    “Unable to load licensed options configuration. Please contact your systems administrator.(SBL-DAT-00124)”

    My OS is Win2K3sp1, with Oracle client 9.2, with Siebel Tools 7.

    Thanx for your answer !


  3. Hi, I have the same problem”Unable to load licensed options configuration.Plrase contact your systems administrator.(SBL-DAT-00124)..”, Here I found some solution but I am not getting it, Could you please explain it.

  4. Hello ,
    I go through this Work flow…& I would like to make it more clear…
    In WF ,

    First step : Neel has queried by Using Siebel EAI Adapter and used primary id ,You can use USEr key , You Can Use Search Spec also to query a set of record.

    Second Step : Used Vanilla BS “EAI Data Transformation Engine” execute method.This BS takes Map name , that we create from thin client ,a adminitsrtive job in Administration->Integration,And convert One IO to other IO and generate a output Siebel Message.

    Step 3: Converted IP output to XML hierarchy by using vanilla BS.

    Step 4 : finally written output XML hierarchy into Physical File.

    Used IO name is “EA Service Request” that suggest it would be IO of Service Request BO and it is obvious internal IO.So you can create this IO easily through new Object.Second Data mapper you can create according to ur need.
    In practical , we get data in external IO format and by using Mapper ,we convert it to Internal IO.

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