Change default email profile for Workflow Policy

This post discusses about various ways to send email in Siebel and the mechanism used by Siebel to actually send these email out based on a question asked to me by a user.

There are two ways to send email in Siebel.

  1. Outbound Communications Manager Business Service
  2. Workflow Policy Program

When we send email using Communication Outbound Manager Business service Siebel uses Communications Outbound Manager component to actually send an email out. Depending on the method of Communication Outbound Manager BS we have an option to provide communication profile that should be used via input argument “CommProfile” . A communication profile is what decides the various attributes of that outbound email such as From Address, Reply To, Exchange server. Usually in an application we define multiple communication profile with different From and Reply To address and use them according to our requirements.



Siebel works entirely in a different way when an email is sent through Workflow Policy Program. You perform the required configuration in Tools and then define and define a new Policy and Policy conditions in Administration – Business Process screen. As a policy action you define the email that should be sent out. There is no way for you to define which communication profile should be used while sending this email out.

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me aquestion as they had a requirement where they needed to use the a different From and Reply to address for their emails being sent through policy. He had created a new Communication profile with the requisite parameters but didn’t know how to make Workflow policy use this newly created profile?

The answer is:

When an email is sent using Workflow Policy Program then Siebel uses a different component called Email Manager to actually send these emails.  A parameter called “Mail Profile” defines which Communication Profile should be used while sending these emails out.


Changing the value of “Mail Profile” parameter to the desired Communication Profile solves the problem but beware this will be applicable to all the emails sent out using Workflow Policy Program. So, if you would like to change this for just one then you should use Outbound Communication Manager BS to send this email out and use your desired Communication Profile.

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